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I had my house sided with vinyl siding a couple years ago.  There is some type of spider that likes the nooks and crannies of the siding, also the soffits and door frames and makes webs that trap all type of insects and leave droppings, etc on my siding.  I am looking for a spray that I can apply that won’t stain the siding and will take care of the spiders.  What would you recommend?  I also plan on purchasing one of your spider removal brushes.  Thanks!

Vinyl siding does have  a tendency to attract small insects and promote algae growth just inside the overlapping sections. Spiders will eventually find the activity and move in hoping to harvest some of the insects in the area. There are several sprays we have which can be used to stop both the insects and the spiders. Though none of them will stain, some of the wettable powders can leave a visible residue which can be seen on dark surfaces. If you have dark colored siding, go with the CYPERMETHRIN or the DELTAMETHRIN. Both will dry invisible, work well on spiders and not hurt the siding in any way.

We also recommend taking down any webs you find around the home so the use of a WEB REMOVER can really help. The best procedure is to first remove the webs and then do a good treatment with either the Cypermethrin or Deltamethrin immediately afterwards.

Since spiders will many times nest up under the eaves and soffits, it’s important to treat most of the siding on the home. This will require a lot of product to be applied so expect to use 3-4 gallons of finished spray per treatment.

Lastly, vinyl siding has a tendency to promote mold and algae growth. For this reason we recommend spraying it at least once a year with a mold killer/inhibitor like MOLD AND ALGAE KILLER. This will indirectly stop the insect activity which in turn will cut down on the spiders too. If you note a lot of moss, mold or algae growth, take care of it and this in turn will help cut down on all the other insect activity including the spiders.

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