spiders under modular home

I live in a modular home and have had to do some work underneath the home when installing television cables for various rooms. I have been told by the handy man that there are groves of spiders underneath my home. It is damp underneath the home and I need advice on how to rid these spiders. I know I first need to try and control the moisture but how? Then I need a pesticide to keep them away. Please help.

Controlling the moisture under the home should be considered. In fact, most insect problems arise because of poor air circulation. Is the home located on a low water table or get ocean/lake flooding or is the moisture more related to humidity? If it’s from humidity, the first thing you would want to do is to have some TEMP VENTS installed. These can really help. Basically they’ll open and close as is needed which in turn will allow air to flow through the space. In most cases, this is all these spaces will require.

If the automatic vents aren’t enough, consider installing a POWER VENT. Basically it will do the same thing but for spaces where the air is stagnant and doesn’t move, the power vents can be all the difference needed. They’ll literally “suck out” the air and moisture and can be controlled via HUMIDITY THERMOSTATS or TEMPERATURE THERMOSTATS.

Lastly, if you know the humidity is high under the home because it’s coming from the soil of the space, install a MOISTURE BARRIER. This plastic will be “sealing” out the moisture and when combined with one of the Vents mentioned above, can help when the moisture is coming from the ground.

As for the spiders, once the moisture problem is resolved, applying some DELTAMETHRIN DUST with a DUSTIN MIZER once a  year is all you’ll need to do. It’s easy, long lasting, odorless and works on all pests. In fact you could apply it right now in the damp space and still get positive results. The difference with treating a moist space compared to a dry space is in the length of time the dust will last. When dry, it will last a year or more. But if the space is damp, expect to retreat quarterly to keep the active working and the spiders under control. So even though it won’t last as long, you can no doubt get rid of the spiders right away if you desire.

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