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I live on an Island will I see more of these spiders than someone who lives more inland?

Spiders are unique in that they don’t all migrate and move about the same way as they develop. True they can all walk. But when it comes to “leaving the nest”, they do it many different ways. Some spiders carry their young on their backs. When old enough, the young will simply move off and leave.

Other spiders abandon eggs and young are forced to live on their own from their very first moments upon hatching out. Still others relocate by leaving their mothers web home when old enough to forage on their own.

But there are many species of spiders which “parachute” to relocate. This is the process of creating a small web like umbrella which serves as a type of parachute. This umbrella can many times pick up and relocate spiders great distances. It’s pretty amazing how far some can be redirected so even if your island is several miles offshore, there is no doubt in my mind that some species should be able to find it under the right conditions. And if you find some appearing and need to do some spider control, review our SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE which covers most every needed treatment option for any given situation.

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