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I have a big problem with spiderwebs in my South Florida screened in pool area.  They seem to like to make their webs on the screens covering the pool and porch areas.  Is there any product I can spray or apply to the screens to repell them?


Areas with moisture, light and structure are ideal for web making spiders. All of these components will attract flying insects many of which are prime food for spiders. If you aren’t doing regular pest control in and around this area, I would expect all kind of pest activity since it’s such a prime spot for what insects need to thrive. Based on what you’re reporting, it sounds like the local pests are finally figuring this out.

The good news is you have lots of options to stop both the spiders and any other pest like roaches and ants which are sure to get active in this area if it’s left untreated. I’d say to start with the DELTAMETHRIN. It’s odorless, easy to mix and treatments will last 2-3 months. Apply it as a light fan pattern spray using a good PUMP SPRAYER over all surfaces where you see webbing or activity. I also suggest you treat around the home focusing in on the foundation, windows and other points of entry.

If you start seeing activity inside the home, install some SPIDER TRAPS to start. They do a good job of catching foraging pests and can alert you to problems you may have otherwise overlooked. If activity is noted, the Deltamethrin can be applied in this area as well as the BAYGON AEROSOL. All these products can be seen on our SPIDER PRODUCTS PAGE. If you have further questions, give us a call on our toll free at 1-800-877-7290.

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