Spider Problem


Most people don’t think of spiders as a “pest”. However, spiders are many times a direct result of insect activity. Spiders like to live close to their food. They tend to amass where there is a ready supply of meals and if you aren’t doing pest control around your house on  a regular basis, chances are high that some kind of insect has either moved in or close to the structure. A surge in spider populations is almost always a direct result of such increases.

Spiders bite. Many spiders have venom which can play havoc with the human body. Throughout the United States there are thousands of people who get bit annually from spiders and many more which go unreported. Though most of these are minor and in consequential, many have long term impact and repercussions. The bottom line is like most insects, there are inherent risks allowing spiders to exist in and around the home. Do pest control to help keep local insect populations minimized and you’ll find predatory insects like spiders won’t be interested in being around much either.

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