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I pressure wash homes for a living and I have one home in particular that has a really bad spider problem. The real problem for me isn’t the spiderwebs but instead it is some kind of jellied snot balls on the walls that will not come off easily by pressure washing alone. They can be pulled off easily by hand but not by cleaners and pressure washing. I have tried a multitude of products with no real success. First, are these little balls of jelly from the spiders? Second, what will make the turn loose? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure what it is that you are finding on this home. Spider eggs are usually small, round and slightly smaller than a marble. Generally they are quite dry, even outside, and normally do not take on the characteristics you describe. But there are several other insects which will “nest” on homes. These nests are more likely pupae casings and the more common insects that use homes for this include bagworms and all kinds of moths. Larvae from these insects will leave where they were born and travel to a good “roosting” site where they spin a cocoon and undergo metamorphisis. Have you tried opening up any of these jellied snot balls? My guess is they will harbor some kind of molting insect which is using the structure instead of nearby trees or other natural structure on which to go through this stage of development.

To help deal with the issue, there are two things you should consider. One would be a good tool to remove the sacs and the other involves some sprays to help prevent the invasive pest from returning.

To help take down the sacs, I suggest getting a SPIDER WEB REMOVING TOOL. You can get this configured in several lengths including the one that will reach over 30 feet high. This would help remove spider webs along with these annoying “snot balls”. It’s definitely handy and should eliminate the need for using a ladder most of the time.

To prevent the jellied snot balls from returning, treat the house with WEB OUT.¬†Though formulated with spiders in mind, this totally “organic” spray will repel spiders and other insects from the structure. Use it quarterly and you should be able to keep larvae stages off the building thus avoiding the jellied snot balls (most likely pupae cases) altogether.

If you find the Cobweb Eliminator isn’t strong enough, treat with the EXEMPT ECO IC or BIFEN. The Exempt does not require an EPA number so it’s not a real pesticide; the Bifen would be the strongest option here and should provide 2-3 months of protection from any pest that would forage onto the structure. By treating the sides of the home with the Bifen, you should be able to stop any pest from foraging onto it so no new nests would develop.

If you have further questions, please give us a call at 1-800-877-7290 and someone in technical support should be able to further advise.

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January 7, 2010

JM @ 4:18 pm #

I have found a nest (rather large) of spider eggs in my crawl space. How do I remove it or kill it?

JM @ 10:28 pm #

Thank you so much. I will follow your directions. Hopefully, it will work. If not, I will keep your phone # for future reference.

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