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I just bought a rent house with pier and beam construction under oak floors. The crawl space is pretty large, enough for a man to crawl through easily.

Is it a good idea to dust the crawl space under the house with the same dust I used in my home attic that I bought from you? I forget what it is, but it replaced Ficam W. I use a B&G sprayer I bought from you to use at home in my attic.

Also, the house has vinyl siding installed over the old weathered wood siding, and there are a LOT of small spider webs under the siding bottom edges. I sprayed the siding, eaves, and the grass along the foundation line with Cynora mixed .4 oz. per gallon. Is that an effective treatment for those spiders?

I assume it would be a good idea to brush off the old webs and new ones as they appear?

I also sprayed the garage rafters and baseline and under shelves, as there were a LOT of spiders in there, and inside in crack and crevice and closets. I plan to go back later and vacuum up the old webs.

The rent house family are friends of mine, and have small kids that play in the yard a lot, so I hesitate to use granular insecticide or hose end spray on the lawn, unless you have some idea of something that will not harm the kids if they play on it.


First, I don’t know what dust you have in place of the Ficam but the DELTA DUST or DRIONE would be fine. The BG DUSTER would be ideal for such an application so you’re set equipment wise.

Second, brushing off the old spider webs is very much recommended. Use one of our WEB REMOVERS to make the task easy; they come in various lengths depending on how high you have to reach. By removing the webs you’ll be able to now monitor the situation to see if new ones are coming around and if yes, where to treat. Additionally, spider webs tend to harbor spider eggs. Leaving them on the home can allow the young to prosper once they hatch so get rid of any you find to remove any spider egg sacs that could be laying out of site.

Lastly, I understand why you might not want to use the BIFEN GRANULES in the yard with the kids playing. This product is actually quite safe and poses no hazard when used as described in our safety video on it’s product page. And the ECO GRANULES are a good alternative if you want something organic. Made from food grade actives, they pose no hazard at all and though they won’t last as long as the Bifen, they do work on a wide range of perimeter pest invaders. However, in this case, I’m not sure you’ll get a lot of help from them unless you have other pest problems. You cite web making spiders and these are most likely coming in from surrounding trees and floating in the air and not from the ground. So if your only concern here is for the spiders, I don’t think granules will help much anyway but if you have other pests, definitely get them deployed.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Delta Dust:  http://www.bugspray.com/item/452825.html

Drione Dust:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page349.html

BG Power Duster:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/dusters/electric-duster/bg-2250-duster

Web Remover:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/other-equipment/web-removers

Bifen Granules:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page71.html

ECO Granules:  http://www.bugspray.com/item/eco_exempt_g_granules.html

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