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I have been paying Orkin for almost a year to control my Recluse problem and it seems I still find a lot in my glue traps.  I am sure my attic has a problem, but they do not seem to want to approach this and my basement has a bit of activity.  Lately, I have seen large ones in my traps by my doors.  Maybe due to mating?  My main inquiry is what is the difference in your products compared to theirs?  I want these spiders gone, so I called an “expert”, but I see no improvement.  Also, is there a way to treat my attic, like a fogger since it is hard to reach.  Thanks for the reply and your time.

First,  I suggest you read through our BROWN RECLUSE CONTROL article. In the article, all the best products are featured for each type of common location found around most any home. Bear in mind what we sell are what professionals use so to answer your question regarding your service company treatments; you can get from us what they use if you prefer to stick with those products or you can change over to what we recommend. The one thing you’ll learn when it comes to the professional line is that there are many options and most companies will limit their product selection to the items that work the best for a wide range of pests when performing service stops. This way they’re basically “prepared” for the more common problems they’ll need to handle. But spiders – especially brown recluse – require more specialized actives. Since we are a supplier, we use the approach of recommending the best actives for any given problem so though we’ll have what your service company is using, we are probably recommending something else and these recommendations are based on years of comparing different actives to isolate the ones which perform the best in the field.

Second, treating what we call “hidden” areas of the home are important. Attics and crawl spaces are key locations that should be addressed and as you’ll learn in our Attic Treatments section of the article, the use of something like DRIONE DUST will almost always be your best option. Mostly due to how long this active will last compared to aerosols or liquids, a good treatment done with a dust only needs to be done 1-2 a year making it more efficient in the long run. Use one of the dusters featured in our spider PRODUCTS PAGE.

Lastly, if your service company isn’t treating outside just yet, you will need to do some Outside Treatments for sure if you wish to stop the invasion. In most cases, perimeter pests can be controlled from the outside and by getting them before they get inside, you’ll learn they’re a lot easier to control.

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