mixing chemicals for spiders and cricket treatment


I’m wondering if I can spray the foundation & perimeter of my house for Spiders – using Deltamethrin or LAMDA-CYHALOTHRIN and spray the same areas with Conquer EC.

Is it OK to spray over one insecticide with another? I have problems with Spiders and Camelback Crickets and I’d like to know if I can use both before I buy the products.
Thank you.

As a general rule you don’t need to mix adulticides. All three chemicals you mentioned are good for the pests you’re targeting. If I had spiders and crickets, I’d go with just the DELTAMETHRIN as it will handle all your needs fine. Odorless and long lasting, it’s all you’ll need this season. When you need to get a refill, you might consider changing but if you don’t have any problems at that time, you can stick with it for maintenance for many years. Excellent product for sure.

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