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I have an unfinished basement where folks almost never go. Part of it is dug out to about 5” tall, while most of it is crawl space. I have spiders that look like brown recluse but I’m not interested in getting close enough to tell.

I need an eco-friendly (no smell, or low smell) product that can be used over a wide broad area. I would estimate the basement to be about 1,000 sq. ft.

What would you suggest?

If you review our online article that lists several products for INDOOR SPIDER CONTROL, you’ll find both DELTAMETHRIN and LAMDA-CYHALOTHRIN are mentioned. Both these products are virtually odorless and very effective on spiders including brown recluse. I would recommend spraying the entire area with either and doing this once a quarter to prevent reinfestation. These products must be applied with a good PUMP SPRAYER and I would recommend treating the outside of the home too, around the foundation, to prevent them from getting inside. Again, these products are what many professional companies use so they are as good as it gets when it comes to performance.

Another product I have bound to be quite effective on spiders is the PHANTOM AEROSOL. This virtually odorless aerosol can be sprayed over any exposed area and it’s unique “dry to the touch” spray means you won’t see any trace of it when applied properly. I use this on my boat to keep spiders from making spiders and you can’t tell I have sprayed just seconds after I do. It seems to go on dry and doesn’t hurt the finish or leave any visible residue unless you keep spraying in the same spot and even then, it dries quickly. My boat is kept outside so it’s subject to the wind, rain and other elements. Still, the treatments seem to last upwards of 1-2 months even in this environment. Inside the home I’ve used it for spider control and get 2-3 months of residual so it’s long lasting as well as effective.

Lastly, we do have a product called HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER which is organic. We commonly sell it for use on indoor potted plants. It’s more geared toward mealy bugs, thrips, aphids and other plant living pests. But it is organic and it will kill spiders so this would be the last option that’s viable. Keep in mind this won’t last long residual wise. In other words, you’ll need to apply it 1-2 a week so compared to the other options, it will be the most short lived.

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