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I have not seen any Brown Recluse or any of the really dangerous spiders; however, I live in the middle of 5 1/2 ac and have webs and spiders all around the house and some inside.   What product is best to use to get rid and keep rid of these spiders?

There really isn’t a “best” product. In fact, all the products listed in our Outside Spider Treatments section of our site will do the job. I live on a river and when I first moved into my home, discovered there were more spiders here compared to where I had lived in the past. In the past 10 years I’ve tried many products (mostly since I have access to so many) and have identified a few that do the job quite well. Here’s what I suggest.

First, get yourself a good Web Remover. We have several models with varying lengths; since my home has a peak that tops out at 50 feet, I use the 30 FOOT model. From my elevated deck I’m able to remove any webs or wasp nests from the highest point of my house including this peak. Most homeowners can get away with a smaller unit but they’re all easy to use and essential if your goal is both get rid of unsightly webs and keep them off your home, this tool will be very much needed. I find myself using it 2-3 times a year; if I treat regularly following my spring/summer cleanup, I don’t have an ongoing problem. But if I wait too long in between treatments, spiders will return which in turn will cause me to go around the home doing web removal that can be prevented with ongoing treatments.

Once you’ve got a Web Remover that will allow you access to where the spiders are building nests, you’ll need to decide what combination of sprayer and product will best suit your needs. I first sprayed my house using a traditional PUMP SPRAYER using CYPERMETHRIN. It did the job fine but I found it inadequate for reaching all the high spots where spiders were nesting. I also found I needed several gallons of finished product to do a thorough job and overall the entire process took way too long to complete. Between removing webs, mixing up chemical and spraying, I was taking 1-2 hours which to me seemed too long.

Attempting to save time, I decided to try using the CYONARA RTS which uses the water pressure in my home to spray. This made it “spray” more powerful compared to my pump sprayer and since there was no mixing involved using this setup, I was able to save a lot of time. But I found myself still using a lot of product. For a short while, this was acceptable. But then mosquitoes got active and though the Cyonara will handle any flying pest, it wasn’t economical to spray over all the foliage surrounding my home. Since the mosquitoes were no doubt nesting in these shady, moist areas, I had to use a method that would enable me to tackle both pests efficiently. That’s when I started to use my BACKPACK FOGGER.

This device is easy to use, works very fast and can reach up the entire height of my house. More importantly, it allows me to use so much less chemical that over time it has paid for itself several times over. At this point all I use around my home is the BIFEN and I’ve found it to work well for mosquitoes, gnats, spiders, ants and basically any perimeter pest I might encounter. Granted the Back Pack Fogger might be more than you were expecting to spend for an applicator but over time it will pay for itself. And if you’re needing to do some mosquito control, it’s the ideal tool for any homeowner with a land mass that’s more than 1/ acre.

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