health affects of spider droppings

What are the health effects of breathing and or being involved in a rather large clean up of spider droppings?

We use gloves and a peroxide based cleaner that does well. In the past I’ve seen bird dropping clean ups that uses respirators. I know spider carry Lyme disease as well as ticks. What are my risks?

Any kind of fecal matter can carry bacteria or virus. The real key is the main component of the feces (what it’s made from) along with the local air moisture. In general, the more complex the feces, the more fertile (better chance) material for bad things to prosper. Add a good dose of moisture to the mix and the recipe is ripe for a all kinds of contaminates.

This is why it’s always best to neutralize any potentially harmful or dangerous organisms that might be present. To do this, you’ll need a special cleaner like ROUGH N’READY. Lightly spray over the area prior to cleanup and you’ll be killing all the bad stuff.  It works great on virus and bacteria and can make the area a lot safer for cleanup.

You should also wear RUBBER GLOVES or SURGICAL GLOVES along with a decent RESPIRATOR. By avoiding skin contact and breathing filtered air, the risk of getting exposed to anything will be greatly reduced.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Rough N’Ready:

Rubber Gloves:

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