ficam w replacement spray for spiders


We used to have a brown recluse infestation (75 spiders caught in 6 months!) but have not seen any for years due to a regular spraying program.

I used to use Ficam W 76% Wettable Powder to spray the baseboards and under counters in our home. I had stocked up on Ficam W before it went off the market, but just now I have run out. I also used FICAM dust before it went off the market, but now I use Drione dust with a B&G Sprayer I bought from your firm a long time ago.

Ficam worked great but it does leave a white residue on the brown baseboards.

What product do you suggest to replace Ficam W with for spraying in a pump sprayer the baseboards inside the house and under sinks inside, etc.? Does that product get into the atmosphere or does it stay on the baseboard like Ficam W did?

And what product outside in a pump sprayer—delta or lamda?


If you review the products we have listed for BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER CONTROL, you’ll see the first two listed are DELTAMETHRIN and LAMDA-CYHALOTHRIN. Either of these would be fine. They both work well, have no odor and will dry invisible.More importantly, they work well for any spider including Brown Recluse.

If you need more dust, the DRIONE would be a good replacement.

Outside, the BIFEN GRANULES work well on any spider and should be applied to the turf. Spray the house with either the Deltamethrin or Lamda-Cyhalothrin and you’ll be able to keep any pest out of the home.





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April 12, 2011

kirk ashe @ 6:58 pm #

What replaced Ficam W????

September 3, 2011

guest @ 9:19 am #

What is the replacement product for Ficam w? It worked very well here in Virginia but i used up the last pack of several boxes I purchased from you in 2000. Thank you for your response.

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