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What would be the most effective product for spraying a boat dock to eradicate spiders and their droppings that are making a mess?

Thanks, J.S.

I started using the Phantom Aerosol we have posted here:


It’s very different compared to any other aerosol in that it goes on dry when used properly. So a light misting over my boat railings where the cover snaps on won’t leave any “wetness” on the cover or the deck of the boat. I’ve been using it on my boat for over a year and I’ve been spraying my trolling motor, anchor, deck, lights, bimini top frame (where spiders love to make webs), on and around my dock box and slip edge. There is no “overspray” marks on my gelcoat, chrome or any other place on my boat to show I’ve sprayed so it’s pretty much invisible on these sensitive areas which before would leave all kinds of marks and sometimes even damage if I tried to spray anything directly on these same surfaces.

And since my dock is covered, I find them nesting above my boat so I keep a 14 foot collapsible pole:


Which I fitted with an aerosol holder and trigger string like this:


I also keep a web remover top:


So at the beginning of the spring (for us in GA, that would be the start of March) I apply some Phantom to my boat ( I don’t treat the ceiling just yet). That one treatment usually lasts till April and I apply some again to the boat only. When we get to May, the webs really start getting bad and that’s when I treat everything including the ceiling. Usually I only have to treat the ceiling once for the whole season but the boat I’ll treat twice a month and I’ll remove webs as needed. What I find is that the treatment seems to last a good 2 weeks during May-June and into July. At some point in July the treatments last longer but I’m sure it’s because the local spider pressure is decreasing so there simply aren’t as many coming on board. All I know is by July-August-Sept, I only have to spray once a month a little bit and I have very little if any spider webs to remove. Right now I do find some webs on my boat but the treatments, because they’re still fresh, seem to kill the spiders so they don’t get established. It sure is nice not having any spider poo on the boat and when I take out the family, we’re not fighting any spiders dropping down on our heads.

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