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I have a spider problem in my house.  These are small spiders, not poisonous.  What product do you recommend that is cat-safe to spray to keep them at bay?  Thanks.


In general, you’ll need to keep pets and children away from the rooms when treating and immediately after-wards until the product dries. How long that will be can vary from 10 minutes to a couple of hours but once dry, everyone can return and go about their business without concerns or risks when products are used properly. We have very detailed safety videos which cover how to use our liquid, dust and aerosol products in the home and I suggest you review them for more of an explanation. These can be seen on our SAFETY VIDEO page.

With that being said, I would say one of the best working and easy products to start with based on the information you included above would be the PT-PHANTOM AEROSOL. This product is just about odorless, easy to use and is one of the only aerosols that goes on “dry”. I use it on my boat and even where the finish is glossy you can’t tell anything has been sprayed. I also use it in the home along baseboards and windows where anything else would be messy. I have nothing but hardwood floors in my home and liquid sprays are out of the question. But the Phantom goes on without making a mess or any other sign, treatments last 1-2 months and it doesn’t have any odor. I time my treatments for when I know we’ll be out of the home for a few hours and when we return, there is no clue anything has even been applied.

Additionally, you should get into some kind of outside treatment program as explained in our SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE. The use of some CYONARA on a regular basis (maybe every 2-3 months) would keep most any pest at bay and in the end, negate the need to be spraying inside. I use the Cyonara outside my home following this exact schedule and find I only have to spray the Phantom 1-2 a year inside for the occasional pest that gets in.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Safety Videos:

Phantom Aerosol:

Spider Control:


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