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I have a home problem with browns and would like to know the best way to treat them. Mostly in my sons attic. Also will the smell of peppermint deter them?

If you read through our SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we have several products that can be used on and around the home. However, you won’t find peppermint listed as a repellent since we have not seen any data to suggest it will help. But what does work well when it comes to treating attic spaces is DRIONE DUST. It not only lasts 6-12 months, it’s highly repellent to most any insect or arachnid making it ideally suited for long term protection in this area of the home where a lot of pests like to nest.

For starters, I’d go with the Drione Dust and get it applied throughout the space using the DUSTIN MIZER. I also recommend getting some SPIDER TRAPS to set up in the living spaces. They’ll help monitor the areas so that if any brown recluse spiders are active in other areas of the home besides just the attic, you’ll be able to tell from what the traps catch and take appropriate action accordingly.

Additionally, I suggest you start spraying the outside of the home to prevent more from getting inside. The DELTAMETHRIN is a great product for this use with treatments remaining active for up to 2-3 months. It’s odorless and easy to apply with any standard PUMP SPRAYER.

Here are links to the products and information listed above:

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Pump Sprayer:

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