brown recluse spider picture


Here is a photo of a brown recluse spider that was killed using our hand HAND HELD ZAPPER. This tool is handy to have and can handle most any insect you might encounter. Spiders, bees, wasps, roaches or mosquitoes are just a few of the more common species targeted with this device.

This brown recluse was zapped using our Hand Held Zapper

This brown recluse was zapped using our Hand Held Zapper

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September 17, 2009

andrew homler @ 7:14 pm #

found a brown spider in my basement i live in toledo,ohio. email is ill send a picture

October 30, 2009

jayson @ 10:38 am #

can u email me some pictures of some spiders 🙂 lol jk

September 11, 2010

dawn whitney @ 9:40 am #

we found a spider lite brown in color with a beautiful cross on its back when we first bought our house in kentucky, i wish we would have taken a picture of it cause we havent seen another one and we have been here almost four years. please let us know if anyone knows what kind of spider this is and how dangerousit is. thanx

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