brown recluse spider in house


I have a 2 story house with a complete finished basemant. I just killed a brown recluse spider which froze when my 2yr old said look mommy bug and was about to grab it. I am terrified that there are more or will be more need to know what exactly to use and how to use it.

To start with, you need to read our BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE which covers all you need to do both inside and outside the home. At this point I’m thinking you at least need to get out a bunch of SPIDER TRAPS to monitor the problem and see just how bad it is. If you don’t catch another spider, you can chalk this one up to a random happening. But if you start finding them being trapped every few days, you’ll no doubt need to do some treating and just where will be based largely on where they’re nesting and consequently, where to treat. Should this happen, give us a call and we’ll further advise.

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