Spider Treatments inside Homes



Treating inside a home for spiders should be done when a problem exists. Once eradicated, either perimeter, attic or crawl space treatment should be done to prevent reinfestation. There are four approaches for the inside. Spraying, dusting, repellent materials and trapping/zapping.

Spraying is the most direct and will provide the quickest knockdown. It is done with PUMP SPRAYER and using either DELTAMETHRIN or LAMDA-CYHALOTHRIN. These materials are low odor and may be applied in all areas of the home. Treat baseboards, closets and rooms where problems exist. Keep both children and pets away from treated surfaces until the material dries. These products will provide quick knockdown and residual. The residual will help prevent future infestations.

Dusting is helpful if there are voids such as electric outlets, switch plate covers or vent areas where DRIONE dust lasts a long time, kills on contact and will repel any pest. It is safe enough to be used on pets as a flea powder yet its desiccating action is enough to stop spiders. Apply it with one of our  HAND DUSTERS which allows for easy treatment of cracks and crevices. Once treated, these voids will not allow spiders to nest or enter.

WEB OUT another material that is now in the market and helps to provide relief in the war against spiders. It is not a true pesticide; it uses actives which are federally exempt from needing to be registered. It can be sprayed anywhere they are a nuisance. It will help by killing spiders where it is sprayed and seems to be effective at slowing up the reformation of webs. To obtain the best results when using this product, first remove all visible webs with our WEB REMOVER or WEB SPINNER as featured above. Complete removal of all webs will certainly enhance the effectiveness of Web Out as well as remove egg sacs which can lead to future spider populations once they hatch. Remember, Web Out is all natural and is not going to be as quick or complete as spraying nor does it last as long, but it is helpful in those sensitive areas where spraying is not possible. Such areas could be where someone is sick, has asthma or is sensitive to pesticides. When combined with the removal of the webs, you can offer good spider control for these sensitive areas and be using products which are effective.

GLUETRAPS are another tool helpful for sensitive areas where spraying is not desired. I am amazed at how many we catch from week to week in the two gluetraps we have placed at the entrances to our store! These doors are not sealed well at their bottoms and the simplest way to solve the problem at this time has been to place our glue traps at each corner. I have watched spiders enter only to be caught by the glue. Of course, I have also watched others enter and miss the trap by a large margin! Clearly the answer to this problem is to seal around the door properly. However, trapping pests in these glueboards allows us to have an ongoing sales tool at work. We also have obtained some hard to find specimens this way. In the home, these traps are helpful where doors are open frequently. This includes garage and front doors. These traps should be placed along walls where spiders are expected to travel. Generally, this is on either side of the entrance way. You may consider HAND HELD ZAPPER as well. This device is a great tool to have around for many flying insects like flies, wasps, bees, and moths but it works great on spiders as well. Simply hold the “electric grid” over the targeted spider, press the button on and you can now deliver a lethal dose of electricity to the unwanted arachnid. This device is great for reaching under appliances, killing spiders which are residing in webs and for insuring they are not able to move elsewhere in the home to set up a nest. It kills both instantly and cleanly which means there is no messy cleanup. And the extra large grid area insures a sure hit since many aggressive spiders will lurch and lunge at it unknowingly BUG VACUUM/ZAPPER is cool. It features a “capture” head attachment which is placed over targeted pests. Once trapped, switch it on and the insect is sucked up through the extension to an electric grid which fries it quickly and humanely. If desired, you can turn the electrocution grid off which enables the tool to be a great device for both capture and relocation of desirable insects. No more having to clean smeared insects off your walls and ceilings. This is another good tool to have around the home if you are subject to a lot of spiders throughout the year.

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