Sensitive Areas



There are many sensitive rooms or homes where spraying is a problem, yet spider populations are unwanted and pose even more of a hazard. Some rooms that may be too sensitive to spray include those with newborn babies, sickly patients, elderly people, pregnant women, or anyone allergic to chemicals or pesticides. What can you do? Employ some of these methods which will provide some relief.

SPIDER TRAPS can be placed anywhere. They will collect some of the unwanted spiders. Put them where spiders are being seen. Web making spiders can be discouraged by making sure to remove any webs found. Make sure to keep windows closed, doors sealed and any other entry point closed off. These are great areas to install gluetraps. Use several around entry points and doorways. These will help to collect spiders and other perimeter invaders as they enter your structure. Every one caught is one less that can bite!

WEB OUT can be sprayed in these areas as well. It’s known as an “exempt” pesticide. It uses a variety of food stuff which spiders seem to hate. They will avoid it and relocate or die if they persist in treated areas. Web Out seems to discourage web reformation as well. Use it as needed. This may be once a week, once a month or once a quarter. Generally, after a few treatments, spider activity will decrease dramatically which reduces the amount of treating needed.

Be sure to remove all spider webs which are present and visible using our WEB REMOVER or WEB SPINNER. Web removal helps by both removing the safety netting for existing spiders as well as the removal of egg sacs which are destined to be hatching sometime in the near future. Spiders need the protection of webs as well as the food which a well spun spider web will catch. By removing their homes spiders will become more vulnerable and many times will have to move away in an effort to build new nests. This relocation is sometimes an effort they cannot survive which indirectly will aid in keeping their numbers minimal.

Dust wall voids if there are a lot of spiders entering from outside. Use DRIONE DUST for this as it repels them and will kill any who try to cross through it. Drione is relatively safe; it is labeled for use on dogs and cats as a flea powder. Once applied in the wall void, there will be no chance of exposure to those in the room and even if an exposure occurred, the chance of any impact is practically non-existent. Just keep people who are sensitive away from the area during the treatment and reintroduce them one hour afterwards. Once treated, the Drione will keep just about any perimeter pest from coming inside. The barrier formed should keep spiders out thus insuring no one is bitten.

Lastly, you should equip anyone in these rooms with a HAND HELD ZAPPER. Used effectively for mosquitoes, flies, wasps and bees, this device allows the user to quickly deliver a shock of electricity which will kill most any insect on contact. It is an excellent tool to have around since it kills without any mess. Cleanup is easy and quick and the large surface area of the “electric grid” insures you can get any targeted spider. If used in a web, just clean it after you have zapped the spider residing there and the Zapper will provide years of use. Remember, this is not a toy but rather another tool that can be used in the war against unwanted pests.

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