bombing for brown recluse spiders

We just got a house that now seems to have brown recluse spiders. We have only found them in own master bedroom and we think that they are coming from inside the house most possible the attic and not from outside. Will bombing the house work?

No. At best aerosol treatments for spiders are just “okay” and that can only happen when using something like PHANTOM. But TOTAL RELEASE FOGGERS are quite limited and really only work in the immediate open area of the room where applied. Spiders, like many pests, will be hidden and tend to avoid the treated area. The net result is yeah, you might kill 10-20 % of the local population but in the end, there will be so many still alive and kicking you will feel as if you did nothing but waste your money.

I suggest you read our brown recluse TREATMENTS article, you’ll learn the best way to handle this problem. In your situation, it’s quite possible you’ll need to treat some HIDDEN AREAS like wall voids or attics. You might also have to treat OUTSIDE AREAS of the home in case you think they’re foraging in.

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