black widows in attic

From looking a photos, we seem to have black widows living in our attic, around document boxes. Spray has helped, many dead, was thinking of a bomb next. What do you suggest? Do we need to get into the boxes for the bomb to reach well enough? What chemical is best for this guy?

Based on where the problem is and the fact that you have boxes, I would limit the treatment to an aerosol. I would also refrain from using a traditional “bomb” because they are usually oily and smelly which could affect your documents. Furthermore, bombs won’t move around the space properly and in the end, there is a good chance many spiders will survive or not be affected because of their location relative to the placement of any 2-3 aerosol bombs.

A much better option would be to use a product called PT-PHANTOM. It’s odorless and very effective on spiders. Furthermore, it goes on “dry”. So between it being odorless and going on dry, the Phantom would be the ideal product to use.

To treat, you’ll need to go up to the space and start at the furthest point away from the exit door. The Phantom can is manually operated (used like a can of hair spray) and all it will take is a light misting over the boxes and any area you want to treat. To give you an idea of how it would be used, for the average 20x20x20 box, a mere 1-2 second spray over the top is all you’d need to apply. This means it won’t take long to do nor will it use a lot of material.

Of course I highly recommend spraying as much of the space as possible but for the first run, I’d focus on the boxes. Next, I’d let the treatment sit for 2-3 days to insure the Phantom has enough time to do it’s work. Phantom isn’t detectable by pests so they won’t know it’s there. This means they’ll readily walk on treated surfaces and by letting it stay for a few days, you’ll insure all the target pests are dead. Furthermore Phantom is not a contact kill so it won’t kill them for a day anyway. Again, this is by design. Slow working means it has a chance of infiltrating more pests and in the end, is a much better mode of action compared to traditional products.

Lastly, I recommend treating this way at least once every 3 months; every 2 months would be ideal. This way no spiders or other pests will be able to come around. Personally I use the Phantom on my boat because it goes on invisible, is odorless and works great on spiders. I also use it in my home because I have hardwood floors which are easily marked with traditional sprays. But the Phantom goes on invisible and stays that way all the while taking care of spiders and any other pests we may have inside.


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