black widow problem


We live in California Central Valley and summertime brings a lot of black widows. This year seems greater than normal and in the backyard. Other consideration is keeping our cats alive. Your recommendation for an effective product is greatly appreciated.

Black widows love California and you’re right, they pose a major hazard to any mammal. Their neurotoxins can shut down major organs quickly and the smaller the animal, the more dramatic a bite can be. Certain pets are more likely to unknowingly play with black widows and cats would be right up there on that list. Fortunately there are effective treatments to help remove the potential for this happening.

If you read through our Outside Spider Treatments article, you’ll see links to several products that can handle black widow infestations. Be sure to remove all the webbing you find and then spray with one of the actives listed. The DELTAMETHRIN is a great choice. Odorless, easy to use and safe when applied properly, you can spray it both outside and inside the home if needed. But be sure and treat the turf with some Bifen Granules to give yourself a black widow free buffer zone around the home.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Outside Spider Treatments:


Bifen Granules:

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