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Hi, I’m finding those ugly, sometimes black and sometimes beige huge spiders in my house. What should I do? I’ve sprayed the room with “Baygon for roaches and ants” because that’s the strongest one in the market by me. Is it enough? How often should I spray and where? The floor in my house are tiles and I live on the last floor in our building. Also, it’s really hot here. What should I do? I have 2 babies and fear a lot for them. The spiders I see here are like the lower right one in the above picture on your website page. I really hope you an help me. Thanks a lot.

First, you’ll only know if “it’s enough” based on the results. If you’re still seeing active spiders, you’ll need to treat some more. Additionally, you didn’t mention if you sprayed outside or not. Spraying the perimeter of the home – outside on the foundation and in the turf – is paramount to solving the problem as explained here:

No doubt spiders come in from the outside if you aren’t treating the outside perimeter of the building, I’m afraid you’ll have a never ending stream of them finding their way to your living spaces.

As for the frequency you need to treat; this will depend on the level of the problem. With the products we have listed in our SPIDER CONTROL ARTICLE, they generally only need to be applied once every 1-2 months.

For the tiled floor you mentioned; the PT PHANTOM AEROSOL would be the better option here over the liquid since it’s designed for these areas. It’s virtually odorless and goes on dry to the touch and not messy. No doubt spiders pose a hazard to people and pets as their venom is something most all people can have a reaction to which is why we don’t like having them in our homes. Here are direct links to the products and information mentioned above:

Outside Spider Control:

Indoor Spider Control:


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