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Hi, i appreciate your site… it is very informative.  Read your spider control article and have a question regarding deltamethrin and Lamda-Cyhalothrin.  Are there any particular differences between the two?  For example, is one better suited for a specific type of treatment/insect… or are they about the same?  We plan to spray the interior of our house with one of those (were thinking cyonora), and use a dust in our crawl space.  Our main concern is reducing the number of brown recluse spiders.

Thanks for any advice/clarification!

There is little to no difference in overall performance from either of the actives you listed. Both have low to no odor, both work well on a wide range of pests and both can last 2-3 months. Overall they are excellent choices for use in and around the home. When combined with the other materials we have listed on our SPIDER CONTROL PRODUCT PAGE, I’m sure you’ll be satisifed with the level of pest control you’ll be able to maintain around the home. When used throughout the year, you should be able to keep a pest free environment if either is employed. Should you have further questions, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290 and Thanks for the great feedback!

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