are bifen granules safe to use where kids and pets are playing


Every fall, we get wolf spiders coming into our garage, like 4 or 6 each nite! We see one occasionally in the basement.

We would like to use bifen granules around the perimeter, but are worried about our dog, who lays out in the yard a lot, and our 2 year old grandson who plays outside. Is it safe to use where children and pets run?

We live in Northwest PA

When used as directed, BIFEN GRANULES won’t pose a hazard to the pets or children. Remember, they’ll be dispersed over a large area and when done properly, it will be nearly impossible to tell they’ve been applied. That’s because they’ll be spread so thin. Just be sure to keep everyone away from the area during the treatment and within a few hours, they can safely return. We also have a video at the bottom of the Bifen product page which covers everything you need to know regarding it’s safe use and storage. I suggest you review this short presentation too. Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Bifen Granules:

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